Customized and industry-specific rubber komponents

Customized solutions

We offer customized solutions, in rubber, for various purposes, system deliveries and the possibility of stock agreements.

Total solutions for the industry

industries and total solutions

Rubber blanks for many different industries – Also total solutions where other materials are combined in the rubber blank.

Who we are

We are a company that is based on your needs, has production in Denmark, and offers advice at a specialist level. We are involved from Idea to finished product.

Olet industrigummi A/S

Rubber and polyurethane / PUR items for the wind, offshore, food and machinery industries.

We produce rubber items according to your design and ensure quality and reliability live up to your expectations.

With our many years of experience in rubber production, our great flexibility and modern production facilities, we are a strong partner for your company.

All our production is located in Denmark and at our address in Vejen, we have state-of-the-art equipment that ensures that we are ready for any task in the production of rubber items.

As our production takes place in Denmark, we can ensure a high and reliable quality and a high delivery security.

We also produce rubber items with embedded metal or canvas, also called system supplies. Here we take care of everything, so you do not have to coordinate several suppliers. Simply sit back and look forward to receiving the finished product.

Should we produce your specially designed rubber item?

If you need a very special component, we will help you from planning to the finished product. Together, we develop and refine the rubber item to suit your needs.

We offer advice throughout the process; idea development, production of prototype, quality assurance and finished product.