CR rubber also called neoprene rubber

CR rubber is a universal type of rubber that is shock-absorbing. This type is often used in the construction industry for many purposes. Let us help you find the right type of rubber for your task.

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CR rubber is also called Neoprene rubber

Neoprene rubber with the technical name CR rubber

Neoprene rubber is also called CR rubber by technicians. CR stands for Polychloropene and it is a synthetic rubber, filled with air bubbles. The type was invented in the 1930s and is extremely flexible and has an exceptional insulating ability.

Most ordinary people know Neoprene rubber from wetsuits, clothes, shoes and gloves.

But CR rubber is much more useful than that. It is used, for example, in both the construction and construction industries.

Applications for CR rubber

CR rubber has many uses and can also be used for gaskets, for construction purposes, between steel structures and for places where shock absorption is needed.

The features of Neoprene rubber make it extremely suitable for many purposes and due to the fact that the rubber is inactive, gaskets, hoses and coatings in particular can be mentioned as useful purposes.

It is strong enough to withstand both pull and wear, while withstanding flexible movements. The rubber can be fire retardant and can be used in all temperatures from -20 – 90 ° C, but it is also possible to make neoprene withstand temperatures of up to 260 ° C

This makes the material particularly suitable for the offshore industry and marine, that it has a high resistance to Ozone, seawater and Oil. In addition, the material is waterproof and very stretchable.

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