Customer-specific rubber items

Rubber products according to your designs, the possibility of stock agreements, system deliveries and total solutions.

Olet industrigummi A / S offers solutions adapted to your needs.

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Order-producing in molded and injection-molded customer-specific rubber items

Olet industrigummi A / S is order-producing in molded and injection-molded customer-specific rubber items. We are based on your wishes and requirements for the product and in close cooperation we develop the best possible solution for the purpose.

Whether you need to produce a simple package or a more complicated item with canvas inserts, with metal connection and approved for food contact, we will help you with the perfect product.

All our production takes place in Denmark. This ensures that we can offer a very high, reliable and consistent quality, as well as a high level of delivery security.

Customer-specific rubber items in all models and compositions - Olet Industrigummi A / S

Professional advice and optimal solutions

A close collaboration with leading raw material suppliers and knowledge centers, combined with many years of experience in the manufacture of customer-designed rubber blanks, means we can offer professional advice and optimal solutions, regardless of the task.

The goal is to get you the rubber item you need. Our products must fully live up to expectations of high quality and high reliability.

That is why we continuously invest in new technology and rational production equipment, so that we can always meet your wishes and needs.

Olet Industrigummi A / S also does special projects

We also have a few examples of special projects.

In the first picture you see a temperature sensor, which is attached to foil by vulcanization with rubber. We developed this solution for the customer as their previous supplier could not get the foil and cord to attach together.

The second image is a large cuff which is cold vulcanized (glued together) by rubber plate and an aluminum flange, thereby saving the customer a large and expensive shape.

Special project - temperature sensor - Olet Industrigummi A / S
Special project - Cuff - Olet Industrigummi A / S

Total solutions with or without stock agreement

If you need a total solution with both production and stock agreement, we offer total solutions with or without stock agreement.

We are happy to offer system deliveries. Here we are responsible for everything, from purchasing metal or canvas parts to embedding, logistics and production. This means that you get a finished item number, which includes everything you use when you order from us.

If you do not have space in your own warehouse, you have the opportunity to make a warehouse agreement with us, where we store the products for you to use them.

Stock agreement for small quantities of rubber items
Stock agreement for your large rubber items