EPDM - excellent ozone and weather resistance

EPDM is a synthetic rubber that is extremely suitable for outdoor use, while being resistant to chemicals. Let us help you choose the right type of rubber.

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Epdm rubber at Olet Industrigummi A / S

EPDM also called Ethylene-Propylene Rubber

EPDM is also called Ethylene-propylene rubber and it is a synthetic rubber. The type is particularly suitable for outdoor use, as it has good resistance to UV radiation, water and weather. At the same time, this rubber also withstands most chemicals, but is less good for oil products.

EPDM rubber was invented in the 1960s and prior to the invention, typical natural rubber or neoprene rubber was used. However, these two types of rubber had difficulty coping with the increased demands and impacts of industrial development. Why they started to develop a synthetic rubber that could live up to the requirements of the industrial industry.

The properties of EPDM rubber live up to high requirements

If you are in an industry where the requirements for rubber properties are high, then EPDM rubber properties can be the solution. There are no other types of rubber that can withstand as brutal conditions as this type of rubber. Here, the elastic properties are maintained all the way down to -45 ° C and also the rubber handles most chemicals.

EPDM is a very flexible material and it makes it advantageous to work with. Especially if larger items are to be used. This type of rubber is available in many different colors and shapes, and is available as both cellular rubber and solid rubber.

EPDM stands for Ethylene, Propylene, Dien and Monomer, which are the four components that the rubber is made of. You can get EPDM in different hardnesses from 30 – 90 Shore A.

Use of EPDM rubber

This type of rubber can be used in many industries and for many purposes. The use of EPDM rubber is versatile, as the type of rubber is extremely useful, both outside and inside. Therefore, it is often used as window seals, in basins and facades, for roofing and much more. The typical industries are the automotive, marine and construction industries.

Let’s help you find the right type of rubber

At Olet Industrigummi A / S, we are always ready to help you with answers to your questions. We are happy to advise on the choice of rubber type for your particular project. So do not hesitate to contact us, for professional sparring and advice.