Fluoride rubber, Viton, FPM or FKM

Fluorine rubber is the rubber industry’s Rolls Royce.

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Fluorine rubber is particularly suitable for gaskets

Fluorine rubber – a dear child with many names

Fluorine rubber is the epitome of the phrase “dear child has many names”. The rubber type is also called Viton, FPM and FKM, and is considered the Rubber industry’s Rolls Royce. It is one of the best products on the market for rubber.

But what exactly makes this type of rubber so special?

It can be used for almost anything, all industries, all environments and almost all purposes. But despite this, it is seldom something you as a completely ordinary person become acquainted with in everyday life.

Fluorine rubber has many good properties

Fluorine rubber has many good properties and since it contains fluoride, it has a resistance to many different chemicals. Even concentrated acids and bases can withstand it. Viton rubber is also resistant to oil, fuel and the like. It can be used from -15 and up to 200 ° C, but is a rather expensive rubber compound.

The rubber type is often used for special gaskets, which are exposed to strong chemicals and high heat.


Applications for Fluorine Rubber

The application possibilities for Fluorine rubber, or Viton rubber, are many, and almost all industries can benefit from this type of rubber. It is used especially in, among other things, the car industry, the marine and offshore industry, as well as the energy industry.

The type here can be used both indoors and outdoors, and retains its properties even at very low temperatures.

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