Injection molding of rubber blanks

Extremely competitive for larger series, compared to compression molding.

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Injection molding of rubber blanks at Olet Industrigummi A / S

Injection molding of rubber blanks – low cycle time

Injection molding of rubber products has the advantage that it is more of a mechanical production, with a minimum of manual handling. At the same time, the cycle time is significantly reduced compared to compression molding. Therefore, injection molding is particularly suitable for larger series.

This casting method ensures a very high quality and uniformity. At the same time, there is minimal contact with the environment, which means that the rubber products are particularly suitable for industries and industries with high demands on quality.


Advantages and disadvantages of injection molding of rubber blanks

The advantages of injection molding of rubber blanks are many and there are few disadvantages. Injection molding is a molding method which is particularly suitable for molding items that place great demands on quality. This can e.g. be items for the pharmaceutical industry or high-tech production.

As injection molding is done by molding the workpiece in a closed system, where the rubber is injected into the mold under pressure, there is minimal contact with the environment outside the mold, and therefore minimal contamination of the workpiece.

With several cavities in each shape, there is a very high and uniform quality in the rubber blanks. At the same time, each item is checked for quality.

The advantage of injection molding is further that more complex geometric designs, with many cavities, can be injection molded relatively automatically, thereby lowering the workpiece price.

Rubber-metal items can advantageously be injection molded.

For less complex rubber blanks, compression molding is used instead.


When injection molding rubber blanks, the blanks are quality checked

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Both rubber blanks with embedded metal and rubber blanks with embedded canvas.

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Danish rubber in Danish quality

Regardless of purpose and industry, we use Danish rubber in Danish quality. This ensures that we live up to the high requirements for both food and chemical handling. The Danish-produced rubber blanks are made of durable rubber and rubber compounds.