Natural rubber or NR - High tear, tensile and abrasion resistance

Natural rubber, also called NR, is good for vibration damping and for heavy loads. Not suitable for outdoor and chemical influences. Let us help you find the right type of rubber for the job.

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NR rubber - Natural rubber, often used for combinations with metal

Natural rubber – The oldest type of rubber

Natural rubber with the nickname NR rubber is the oldest type of rubber and seen worldwide it makes up approx. 40% of the total rubber production. NR rubber is made by growing Hevea Brasiliensis wood. originating in South America. From here, the juice, Latexen, is tapped, which is then boiled into malleable rubber.

The material is mainly produced in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, China and Vietnam.

Natural rubber is an environmentally friendly choice compared to the synthetic rubber types.

NR Rubber for many purposes

NR rubber can be used for many different purposes. Especially in construction, marine and for industry, in the form of conveyor belts, vibration dampers, gaskets and floors.

Many also know natural rubber from toys, pacifiers and shoes. The rubber type is used in many industries and not only in industry and is used for countless purposes. However, it is not suitable for use in sunlight or where it comes in contact with oil.

The properties of natural rubber make it versatile

The nature of the rubber makes it a versatile material for use in many contexts. It has really good tensile and abrasion resistance, as well as a very good elasticity. It is available in different hardnesses from 30 – 95 SH.A and in many different colors. The rubber type can be used at temperatures between -50 – 80 ° C and is often used for large loads.

The versatile type of rubber can be vulcanized and combined with many different materials.

Let us help with the choice of rubber type

Our many years of experience with rubber production and processing means that we can help with professional sparring and cooperation, to get the right combination of rubber types for your product. We advise based on your ideas and requirements for the finished product.