Stock solution

Do you use a lot of rubber items? Then let us handle the production and stock storage for you.

Olet industrigummi A / S offers solutions adapted to your needs.

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Get a stock agreement for your rubber items

With a stock agreement, you can stock necessary or critical components at Olet Industrigummi A / S. This means that they do not take up space in your warehouse and you can quickly grab the components.

We have flexible and fast delivery, and quickly get the necessary products to you.

The stock agreement is also part of our total solution, which you can read more about here.

Stock agreements for both small and large

We offer the stock agreement for both small and large items, as well as small and large series. In practical terms, when we produce your order, we make some extra items and are in stock.

These are typically items that constitute a critical function that are nice to have in stock in the event of damage to a device.