System supplies Rubber

System deliveries – We handle all planning and purchasing for rubber-combined items. Simply deliver the design.

Olet industrigummi A / S offers solutions adapted to your needs.

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System deliveries

When rubber is to be combined with another material, it is system supplies rubber

Do not worry…

You do not have to order goods from 2 or 3 suppliers, in fact you only have to order your finished product from Olet Industrigummi A / S.

Even if you order a rubber item that is combined with, for example, metal, all you have to do is contact Olet Industrigummi A / S.


It sounds easy and it is!

Once you have designed the rubber blank you need, you will get sparring on your design. Together we choose the right materials and solutions for your needs.

If, for example, rubber is to be vulcanized on metal, we will make sure to contact the metal supplier. This means that you only have contact with us. We call this system delivery rubber. We make sure that you do not have to spend time on anything other than ordering the finished product from us.

Rubber-metal combinations are used in many products. We make system supplies rubber on many material types and combinations.

The most important thing about a system delivery is that we make sure that the finished product fully meets the requirements and expectations you have for the product’s service life, durability and use.

Food contact, chemical resistance and temperature resistance

Your requirements are what we work from. Should products meet specific requirements for food contact, chemical resistance or temperature resistance, then of course we choose the type of rubber that meets this.

To ensure an adhesion that lasts between the molded material and the type of rubber, we use different techniques. If metal is to be cast in, this is sandblasted, for example, before the rubber vulcanization.