Your perfect cooperation partner when you need rubber workpieces

On customers request Olet Industrigummi A/S manufactures compression and injection moulded rubber pieces.


The components are produced with/without fabric inserts, as rubber and metal combinations, of a quality approved for use with food, of qualities with UL approval and of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). The part sizes vary from less than 1 g to 40 kg, and the production series can be from 10 -100,000 pieces or more.

Olet Industrigummi A/S bases job handling on the requirements from customers, with whom we cooperate closely to develop the best possible solution for the purpose in question. We have many years of experience with rubber pieces and our close cooperation with leading raw material suppliers and centres of knowledge guarantees professional advice and optimum solutions.
It is our objective to ensure that our products are considered to fulfil the expectations of solid quality and a high degree of reliability.

We continually invest in the latest technology and rational production equipment in order for us to be able to meet customer requirements.

To ensure high, uniform quality, a safe working environment and environmental care, we have built up a documented environment and quality control system in the form of a management handbook - following the guidelines of DS /EN/ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001, respectively.


Olet – Company historyoletluftfoto

2013 The firm is ISO 9001 certified.

2011 The number of machines is increased by a new injection moulding machine (220 ton clamping pressure)

2007 The number of machines is increased by 2 new injection moulding machines ( 50 and 160 ton clamping pressure)

2005 The number of machines is increased by 1 new vertical injection moulding machine (400 ton clamping pressure)

2005 Establishing of a complete laboratory.

2005 the company changes from ApS to A/S. Because of great engagement, especially in social relations Olet Industrigummi A/S receives a prize from the local business association.

2004 the compagny moves to newer and larger buildings at Vinkelvej 3 in Vejen. 30 people are employed and the company invests in another injection moulding machine.

2001 Olet Industrigummi is acquired by a holding company founded by the owners.

In 2001/2002 the number of machines is further increased by 2 new injection moulding machines. The company now has 22 employees.

2001 Fortuna Holding ApS is established.

In 1999 the ownership of the company is extended, when the daughters Connie Rosengreen and Tina Kragh become co-owners.

In 1998 an environmental control system according to DS/ISO 14001 is introduced and the quality control system is updated. The administration staff grows and the machinery is improved.

In 1996 the warehouse is enlarged and at the same time, a department for pretreatment of metal parts is established.

In 1995 a documented quality control system according to DS/ISO 9002 is introduced.

In 1989 the present owner Ib Kragh takes over the company. The company is moved and the machinery is improved. The number of employees is 3.

In 1979 the company changed its name into Olet Industrigummi ApS and gradually the production was extended to cover other moulded products.

As from 1957 the production changed and began to include rubber components for road maintenance equipment.

In 1947 the company started up repairing rubber boots and bicycle tyres. The production soon developed comprisery of repairs to car tyres and application of tyre treads.



FI ISO 9001

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