TPE - Thermoplastic elastomer has good tear, tensile and abrasion resistance

TPE rubber does not withstand solvents and oil, but has good cold resistance and mechanical properties. Let us help you find the right type of rubber for the job.

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TPE rubber or thermoplastic elastomer can be used for many purposes

TPE – A rubber-like material

TPE is a rubber-like material that can be processed for, for example, injection molding or extrusion. Thermoplastic elastomers are made of materials such as PP, PBT or PA, which are combined with soft rubber materials.

The rubber type can be easily stained and recast on various thermoplastic materials with a really good adhesion.

The material has rubber-like properties and is available with different properties in relation to temperature resistance, chemical resistance and ability to recover after compression.

Applications for thermoplastic elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomers can be used for many purposes. As the material has good electrical properties, it is used, among other things, for flexible electrical wires. But it can also be used for soft parts of tools, cable socks, roofing membranes, window seals and more.

The rubber type has good mechanical properties and cold resistance, but does not withstand oil and many solvents. It has a low water swelling and can be used from -50 to 70 ° C

There are several types of TPE

There is today a large selection of TPE types:

  • TPE-O
  • TPE-V
  • TPE-U
  • TPE-S
  • TPE-E
  • TPE-A

In everyday speech, one often excludes “e”, which means talking about TPO, TPS, TPV, TPE, TPU and TPA.
All of these types have different properties that differ in, among other things, hardness, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, elasticity and compression ability.

Should we help find the right type of material?

We are ready to help with professional advice for choosing the right type of rubber for your project. Our many years of experience in the production of rubber items means that we can offer sparring all the way from idea to finished product.