Transfer molding - manual injection molding

Transfer molding is an intermediate between compression and injection molding and is often called manual injection molding

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Transfer molding at Olet Industrigummi A / S

Transfer casting for more complicated items

Transfer molding is particularly suitable for geometrically complicated items both with and without metal inserts.

Where compression molding typically has a long vulcanization time and relatively much handling, transfer molding is a slightly shorter vulcanization time. It also allows for slightly thicker items.

What is transfer molding?

Transfer forming is an intermediate between compression molding and injection molding. Instead of placing the raw rubber directly in the cavities of the mold, as in compression molding, the raw rubber is placed in the chamber of the transfer press and after which the raw rubber is pressed by means of a piston through the flow channels into the cavities.

A mold for transfer molding normally has several cavities and is typically used for more geometrically complicated items both with and without metal inserts.

There is still manual work in this process, but the rubber is injected into the flow channels of the mold with the piston of the machine and thereby rubber blanks can be produced which are more complex in geometry.

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Danish produced rubber items

All our production takes place in Denmark. We have chosen this to be able to ensure that we always deliver a high and uniform quality of rubber items. It is also important to us that we can deliver on time and ensure our customers a high level of delivery security.